Hyderabad Suburbs: The New Hub for Homebuyers

March 1, 2024
New Hub for Homebuyers

Emerging Trends in Hyderabad’s Real Estate

As the heart of Hyderabad’s real estate development reaches saturation, the focus has shifted to the city’s suburban areas. These once-quiet outskirts are now buzzing with activity, attracting homebuyers seeking better lifestyle amenities and affordable housing options.

1. Puppalaguda, Tellapur, and Ameenpur: The Rising Stars


Located in the western part of Hyderabad, Puppalaguda has emerged as a micro-market with abundant housing supply. Its proximity to IT hubs and educational institutions makes it a favorite among buyers. The real estate landscape here is a blend of high-rise apartments, independent houses, and gated communities. Puppalaguda’s strategic location near the National Highway 65 ensures seamless connectivity to the city center and other key areas. The area’s serene environment, coupled with essential amenities, attracts families and young professionals alike.


Known for its serene surroundings and green spaces, Tellapur offers a mix of apartments and villas. The availability of spacious homes at competitive prices has drawn significant interest. Tellapur’s real estate market caters to diverse preferences, from compact apartments for nuclear families to sprawling villas for those seeking luxury living. The Outer Ring Road (ORR) connects Tellapur to major employment hubs, making it an ideal choice for professionals working in the IT sector. The area’s tranquil ambiance, well-planned infrastructure, and proximity to schools and hospitals contribute to its growing popularity.


Ameenpur’s strategic location near the ORR and its growing infrastructure have made it a hotspot for real estate investment. Buyers appreciate the balance between urban amenities and natural beauty. The area offers a mix of apartments, independent houses, and plotted developments. Ameenpur’s real estate market caters to various budget ranges, making it accessible to both first-time buyers and seasoned investors. The presence of shopping complexes, recreational centers, and green parks enhances the overall lifestyle. As the demand for affordable housing continues to rise, Ameenpur remains a promising choice for homebuyers.

2. The Suburban Advantage

Larger Homes

Homebuyers are opting for peripheral areas where they can afford bigger homes. The trend favors spacious living over compact city-center apartments. Families, especially those with children, seek homes with ample space for recreation, home offices, and personal gardens. Suburban locations provide the canvas for such aspirations.

Better Lifestyle Amenities

Suburban living offers access to parks, recreational facilities, and community spaces. Families appreciate the improved quality of life away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whether it’s jogging tracks, swimming pools, or landscaped gardens, these amenities enhance well-being and foster a sense of community.


Lower property prices in the suburbs allow buyers to invest wisely. The shift away from expensive city centers has been accelerated by the pandemic. Homebuyers recognize that they can get more value for their money in suburban areas. As remote work becomes more prevalent, affordability becomes a critical factor in decision-making.

3. The Anarock Consumer Sentiment Survey

According to Anarock Group’s survey, 42% of respondents prefer suburban areas for their real estate investments. These buyers seek a balance between affordability and lifestyle amenities. The survey highlights the changing dynamics of homebuying, where proximity to workplaces is no longer the sole criterion. Families prioritize health, green spaces, and community living.

Only 10% of respondents chose walk-to-work city center locations, emphasizing the growing appeal of suburban living. The desire for a holistic lifestyle experience drives this shift. Homebuyers want more than just a house; they seek a nurturing environment that supports their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

4. A Phenomenal Year for Real Estate

The year 2022 witnessed robust housing demand across top cities, including Hyderabad. End-users drove this demand, particularly in the mid-range and premium housing segments. The decline in affordable housing demand indicates a shift towards quality living and better amenities. Developers are responding by creating integrated townships, mixed-use developments, and sustainable communities in suburban areas.

In summary, Hyderabad’s suburbs are no longer just on the outskirts; they are the new frontier for homebuyers. As the city continues to expand, these emerging areas promise a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, consider exploring the suburban gems of Hyderabad for your next real estate venture. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

1Q: What are the emerging suburbs in Hyderabad for real estate investment?

A: Some of the rising stars in Hyderabad’s real estate market include Puppalaguda, Tellapur, and Ameenpur. These suburban areas offer a mix of housing options, proximity to IT hubs, and green surroundings.

2Q: Why are homebuyers showing interest in suburban areas?

A: Homebuyers prefer suburban living due to several advantages:
Larger Homes: Suburbs allow for more spacious living compared to compact city apartments.
Better Lifestyle Amenities: Access to parks, recreational facilities, and community spaces enhances quality of life.
Affordability: Lower property prices make suburbs attractive for investment.

3Q: How do suburban areas compare to city center locations?

A: According to the Anarock Consumer Sentiment Survey, 42% of respondents prefer suburban areas for real estate investments. Only 10% chose walk-to-work city center locations. Suburban living offers a holistic lifestyle experience beyond proximity to workplaces.

4Q: Was 2024 a good year for real estate in Hyderabad?

A: Yes, 2024 witnessed robust housing demand across top cities, including Hyderabad. End-users drove this demand, particularly in the mid-range and premium housing segments.

5Q: What can homebuyers expect from Hyderabad’s emerging suburbs?

A: These suburbs promise a harmonious blend of comfort, convenience, and affordability. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or an experienced investor, exploring suburban gems in Hyderabad can lead to rewarding real estate ventures. 

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