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April 19, 2023
carpet area | built up area | super built up area

While purchasing a house we get to know that the area is classified into three different types 

Carpet area, Built up area  and Super Built Up Area. Each of these mentioned areas provide different calculations of the Area . In this Blog, Let us understand How Carpet Area, Built Up Area and Super Built Up Area Works.


Carpet Area refers to the area within the walls of a property, where a carpet can be laid out. In other words, it is the actual area Building, which now no longer encompasses the thickness of the walls, balconies, or not unusual place regions which include staircases, lobby, etc. Carpet area is the most Vital parameter when it comes to determining the actual usable space in a property, and it is often used by real estate developers and architects to calculate the cost of construction and to determine the selling price of a property


The carpet area can be calculated using  a simple formula which is,Carpet area is equal to the area of the bedroom,living room , kitchen ,balconies And toilets  .Excluding the width  of the inner walls .Commonly the carpet area in our apartment Comprises up to 90% Built up Area.

For Example,If an apartment has a 1758.65 sq. ft. built-up area, and 82.8 % of that is the General Carpet Area.

Then, 82.8% of 1758.65 sq. ft. = 1456.56 is the  Carpet Area.

According to The RERA Act 2016, The RERA Carpet Area can be calculated by-

RERA Carpet Area Varies from the general carpet Area. RERA Carpet Area General Formula is 

RERA Carpet Area = Usable Area of the Apartment + Areas of the Internal Partition Walls

There will be a difference of 5% in the general carpet Area and the RERA Carpet Area

Built Up Area

Built Up Area is considered as the Total Carpet Area + Other liveable Area’s Like exterior walls, interior walls, Balconies,Terrace And Corridor.The built Up Area is of up to 80% of The super built up area 

Built Up Area = Carpet Area + Wall + Balconies  and Corridors

According To Rera regulations,Generally The Carpet Area is probably 10-16% More Than Carpet Area So For Example,

If The Carpet area is 1150 Sq Ft . then the built Up Area will Be 1265-1334 Sq Ft

Carpet Area Vs Built Up Area 

Carpet Area is the Usable Area of the Building and Built Up Area is the Area including The non Usable Area

The Built Up Area Will Always be more than the Carpet Area


Super Built Up Area Is Calculated by adding the Built up Area and the Assigned Common Area . Anyways The common Swimming pool and underground sump, open spots Facilities are Not included in the Super Built up Area.It can also be calculated by multiplying the carpet Area and loading factor.

If We own a 1500 sq. ft. flat on the Second floor, and Our friend owns a 2000 sq. ft. flat on the same floor. If the total area of the common area is 1,500 sq. ft The builder would split the common area in the ratio of the built-up area.The Ratio would Be 1:2.


Loading Factor is the Difference between the built up Carpet Area  and the Super Carpet Area is known as the Loading Factor. Loading Factor is used by the builders to add the constructed space in our Carpet Area That is not Exclusive For us.


Carpet Area Built-up Area Super Built-up Area  
Living Room/Common Hall Yes Yes Yes
Bedroom Yes Yes Yes
Kitchen Yes Yes Yes
Dining Room Yes Yes Yes
Bathrooms Yes Yes Yes
Pooja Room Yes Yes Yes
Balcony No Yes Yes
Study Room Yes Yes Yes
Utility Area No Yes Yes
Inner Staircase Yes Yes Yes
Outer Staircase No Yes Yes
Terrace No Yes Yes
Verandah No Yes Yes
Lobby No No Yes
Lift No No Yes
Swimming Pool No No Yes
Garden No No Yes


Q. What is Carpet Area?

A. Carpet area refers to the actual usable floor area within the walls of an apartment or building, excluding areas like balconies, verandas, and common spaces. It is typically measured by physically laying a carpet on the floor and measuring its area. This measurement is important for determining the actual living space available to residents and is used to calculate property taxes and other fees.

Q. How carpet area is calculated?

A. Carpet area is calculated by physically measuring the floor area within the walls of a property and excluding non-livable areas such as balconies and common spaces. A carpet is laid and the area it covers is measured to determine the carpet area.

Q. How do you calculate carpet area from built up area?

A. Carpet area can be calculated from built-up area by subtracting the thickness of the walls and other non-carpeted areas from the total built-up area. The resulting area is the carpet area.

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